Dr. Rohitashv Singh Rathore

dr rohitashv singh rathore, siyaram dentiest doctor,

Dr Rohitashv Singh Rathore, has attained graduation in “Bachelors of Dental Surgery” in the year 2013, from Vyas Dental College & Hospital, Jodhpur with excellent credentials in his degree. He has accrued a vast experience of working in the field of dentistry for last 10 years as a consultant Dental surgeon in various dental clinics in Jaipur and Rajasthan. His expertise lies in providing premium dentistry to all patients. He has a proficiency in several dental treatments, particularly ‘Root Canal Treatments, Conservative dentistry, Dental Prosthetics (crowns and bridges), minor & major dental surgical procedures, etc. Dr Rathore has a remarkable expertise in making a diagnosis and treatment plan for the patients who seek dental opinion. Dr Rathore has accomplished all major dental treatments in very courteous and timely manner. He has a caring nature and works very well in a team setting for many treatments which also require dental opinion.